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Colorado Hockey Hub

How do I....

...give my feedback to, or get in touch with a Club Officer?

-- Member Feedback/Inquiry Form --

Introducing a fillable form to streamline your input, inquiries, feedback, or requests.  Please be detailed, and allow a few days to enable as thorough a response as possible. Items so marked shall be added to the agenda of the next  Member's Meeting for open discussion.  If a common theme emerges it will be addressed association-wide.
(Spontaneous questions are always welcome, but be mindful that the response may be necessarily incomplete.)

Remember, this is all of our organization, we need to hear from you, with both kudos and critiques in order to keep improving.

...use the HHHA Calendar to get  ALL the information I need.

-- Using the HHHA Calendar --

You should have at minimum, the first four (4) Tags listed below selected
for each team.

Go to the Dropdown Box on the right of the Tag Menu and select "Match any"..

Click on the "Show Tag Menu" Button.

Check the box next to the following Tags :
(Hint : It is helpful to click the "Clear All Tags" button first.)

** Make sure you refresh your browser after changing selected tags and before acquiring an iCAL feed URL

  1. Tag : HHHA Home

HHHA events (ie. Member's Meetings, Jag Jog, Back to Hockey Nights), General Interest Events, etc.

  1. Tag : Division Main (ie. Peewee (XRHL), Bantam (CCYHL), 8U Advanced, etc.)

Director's Clinics, Division Specific Meetings, Tryout Times, etc.

  1. Tag : Team Specific (ie. Squirt A, Midget 1, Beg. Black etc.)

Practice / Game schedules, Team meetings, etc.

  1. Tag : Position Specific (ie. Goalies, Coaches, Forwards, Defensemen)

Position Specific Clinics or Meetings

  1. Other Tags of Interest : Stick & Puck, Jaguar Club

If you wish, follow the link for Instructions on Importing your custom calendar into your phone or computer

...use the NGIN Online Scoring System

Sport NGIN a is a web based scoring system, and as in the past it is recommended to keep a hand written record of the game in progress in addition to this computer based system, in case of an interruption of your internet connection, or unexpected computer error.  For instructions on how to use the Sports NGIN scoring system Click Here. the Gameclock

Clock Simulator

This website has a game clock simulator. Use game clock instructions from above for the simulator.