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HHHA Calendar & Ice Schedules

-- HHHA Event Calendar --

  For a summary on proper calendar use, please read the synopsis on the bottom of this page.

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« November 2018 »
8U Safesport Training
  • TBD   Ical event icon
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
8U Safesport Training
  • TBD   Ical event icon
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
Try Hockey for Free
  • Saturday, 12:15pm MST-1:15pm MST   Ical event icon
  • Ice Centre At the Promenade, Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CO, USA
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game

Using the HHHA Calendar - A Summary

--- You should have at least the following (4) Tags selected for each team. ---

  1. Go to the Dropdown Box on the right of the Tag Menu and select "Match any"..
  2. Click on the "Show Tag Menu" Button.
  3. Check the box next to the following Tags : (It is helpful to click the "Clear All Tags" button first.)
  4. Make sure you hit "refresh" on your browser after changing your tag selections, and before you get the iCAL feed URL.
  • Tag : Division Main (ie. Peewee (CRHL), Bantam (CCYHL), 8U Advanced, etc.)
    • Director's Clinics, Division Specific Meetings, Tryout Times, etc.
  • Tag : Team Specific (ie. Squirt A, Midget 1, Beg. Black etc.)
    • Practice / Game schedules, Team meetings, etc.
  • Tag : Position Specific (ie. Goalies, Coaches, Forwards, Defensemen)
  • Tag : HHHA Home
    • HHHA-wide events (ie. Member's Meetings, Jag Jog, Back to Hockey Nights), Manager Meetings, General Interest Events, etc.

 If you wish, follow the link for Instructions on Importing your custom calendar into your phone or computer.